The breed - Blonde d´Aquitaine

The ancestral home of this breed is the south of France. The Blonde d'Aquitaine is a very young breed. The stud book was closed only 1962. Blonde d'Aquitaine is an outstanding beef cattle with several characteristics unmatched by other breeds:

  1. high meat producing capacity
    even with intensive feeding only marginal fat formation despite unrivalled daily weight gain. Very tall, very well muscled with highest final weight .

  2. best beef quality
    fibrous, marmoreal (fat cloudy) and tasty.

  3. highest exploitation (up to 70%)
    low bone percentage, pronounced musculature, unequalled carcass quality. The percentage of prime cuts can be reached by no other breed.

  4. very robust
    high adaptability to climate and feeding basis.

  5. fertility
    long fertile period (15 years), the above characteristics notwithstanding.

  6. easy calving
    because of the special form of the pelvis and of the calves (tall and thin), 95% without aid.