Our Vision

It is our vision to improve sociability, foundation, milk capacity and fertility in the genetics of the Blonde dŽAquitaine by breeding.

These aforementioned characteristics present high challenges to breeding:

  • Sociability
    The Blonde dŽAquitaine is perceptibly smarter than other breeds. It is very perceptive, registers every change and often reacts hectically and, if it perceives an interference in its "personal freedom", even with aggression and panic. Animals with a tendency towards aggression or panic are consistently culled by us. We solely employ stud bulls with a faultless character.
  • Basis
    For fitness in all areas, the Blonde dŽAquitaine musr be endowed with a flawless structure (bones, feet, legs). The only possible reaction to flaws in this respect flaws is the culling of defective animals and the exclusive use of flawless fathers.
  • Milk capacity
    The weaned calves (between 6 months and 1 year of age) are weighed correctly to test the milk capacity of the mothers.
    High weight in 210 days = high milk capacity,
    Low weight in 210 days = low milk capacity.
    Here again the separation of animals with to low a weight (fattening) and exact observation of the motherliness of the fathers..
  • Fertility
    The best and most beautiful beef cattle becomes a bad one, if she doesn't have and raise a calf every year. This criterion makes the decision not to make further use of animals which don't meet it, especially hard, if the animal meets all the above criteria. We are treading this rocky path!

In order to ensure that our visions don`t remain just visions, we have already taken the following measures:

  • With the bloodlines Mars and Ustin we have ensured very fine mother qualities, remarkable fertility and ample milk capacity.
  • Through the Dutch stud bulls Imbü II and Oscar, we have bred a solid basis and feet.
  • Thanks to consistent selection and man oriented dealing with the animals we now have a very calm and well balanced beef cattle herd.